Rocky Point continues to be popular Spring Break destination

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Lots of Arizonans are planning to head to Rocky Point over spring break. But many wonder how safe it is.

The U.S. State Department warns about some risks of traveling into certain parts of Mexico. But even when there is no advisory in effect, the U.S. State Department said crime can still happen, so visitors are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and avoid situations where they could be isolated or stand out as potential victims.

In December 2013, five men were killed in a gun battle with Mexican security near a luxury hotel in Rocky Point.

State of Sonora's attorney general confirmed the shootout, saying it involved police and military personnel confronting gunmen.

No tourists were killed.

"It was specific and isolated case,” said Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez, Mexico's consulate general. "After that incident nothing happened."

Despite that shootout, Rocky Point is still proving to be a hot spot for spring break travelers.

"We've been receiving more people every year," said Hernandez.

Beatrice Cabrera said she takes at least three trips a year with the family, and she's getting ready to take a trip next weekend.

The Consulate General of Mexico said there were about 37,000 visitors during the spring break after the shootout and visitors keep flowing in.

The shooting didn't discourage her from her routine, and she doesn't think people should feel unsafe going.

“We had been going there for years, and it kind of scares me a little bit if I'm in the middle of the shooting, but you know, it could happen here too,” said Cabrera. "I have no problems. I really feel that it's safe. Nothing has ever happened to my children since they've gone there."

People visiting Rocky Point are encouraged to use the Lukeville, Arizona/Sonoyta, Sonora border crossing, and limit driving to daylight hours.