New book reveals truth about Arizona Navy SEAL featured in 'American Sniper'

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One of the Navy SEALs who die in the blockbuster movie, "American Sniper," actually survived in real life, and settled in Arizona. A new book aims to tell the true story of SEAL Ryan Job.

"I'd like for people to be inspired by Ryan's life," author Robert Vera told 3TV. Vera's book, "A Warrior's Faith," is set for release this week.

Job deployed with SEAL Team 3 in April of 2006. They were sent to Ramadi, Iraq, to help liberate the city from insurgents.

On August 2, 2006, while on a Ramadi rooftop with sniper Chris Kyle, an insurgent sniper shot Job in the face.

Vera says Job wanted to return to his team.

"When they arrived at the hospital, Ryan refused a stretcher and walked into the hospital under his own power. [He told the doctors] to stitch him up so he could return to his platoon," Vera said.

In the movie, Job's character dies. In reality, he moved to Scottsdale to continue his recovery.

Job lost all eyesight in the shooting, but was able to climb Mount Rainier while blind. He also got married, and graduated college with a 4.0 GPA after moving to Arizona.

"Ryan Job never complained about being blind. On the contrary, he told me he was grateful that he was the one who was shot on the roof because he could take being blind," Vera said.

Sadly, Job suddenly passed away at Maricopa Medical Center. His family says he was given the wrong medicine while at the hospital for a facial reconstruction surgery.

"He'd survived so much in Iraq. That's what's so tragic," Vera said.

Job's death is one in a series of tragedies to hit his SEAL team.

Hours after Job was shot in Ramadi, the battle continued. One of his fellow SEALs, Marc Lee, went out hunting for the sniper who shot Job, and was killed during the search. Lee's mother, Debbie, lives in Surprise, and runs a veteran support organization in honor of her son.

Years later, Chris Kyle, was also killed by a veteran he was trying to counsel.

Vera said Kyle had agreed to write the forward for his book on Ryan Job.

"Chris writes in his book that he'll bleed for their lives forever. Chris always felt responsible for what happened to Ryan, but Ryan didn't feel that way at all," Vera said.

Job is survived by his wife and a daughter who was born shortly after his death.

Vera will be signing his book at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Desert Ridge Marketplace on Tuesday, March 3, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM