Arizona's new driver's license does not meet 'Real ID' rules

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There could be a problem with Arizona's new driver's license. By next year, it may not get you through certain airport checkpoints or into some federal buildings.

Last year, the Arizona driver's license got a whole new look. But according to the feds, it doesn't qualify as a "Real ID." After 9/11, the government put together a list of 31 things states need to do to make their driver's licenses more secure.

The new Arizona license doesn't comply. In fact, ADOT was prohibited from issuing a license that meets "Real ID" requirements, after lawmakers decided they didn't want the feds getting involved in a state program.

The new federal requirements include rules about updating your picture every eight years and requiring states to take extra steps to verify the license-holder is in the country legally.

If changes aren't made, it could mean Arizona passengers, as early as January of 2016, would have to show another form of identification recognized by the Department of Homeland Security, such as a passport or permanent residency card.

Arizona isn't the only state that doesn't have a new driver's license that doesn't comply with the federal standards. Louisiana and Maine are in the same boat.

Lawmakers are working on a bill to change the current law and make it possible for ADOT to issue a federally approved license if people want them.