3OYS recovers nearly $10K in February

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Helping people recover their money is a big goal for 3 On Your Side, and February turned out to be a pretty good month for doing just that.

Bruce Klein is just one Valley viewer helped out by 3 On Your Side. He was stuck with a $1,500 ambulance bill. The 72-year-old war vet says the ambulance company, Rural Metro, had already been paid in full by the Veteran's Administration. However, Rural Metro sent Klein to a collection agency anyway and forced him to pay another $1,500.

3 On Your Side got involved and when we did, Rural Metro realized they mistakenly double billed for the same ambulance ride. As a result, Rural Metro hand delivered Klein a $1,500 check along with an apology.

"I'm feeling very good," Klein said. "And I must admit, 90 percent of that good feeling is (because of) Gary Harper."

3 On Your Side also helped Pam Tidwell. She took advantage of a Verizon Wireless promotion that promised $200 if consumers would trade up for a newer phone. However, Tidwell says after she traded up, months went by and she never did receive the money.

But after 3 On Your Side got a hold of Verizon Wireless, the cellphone company acknowledged the error and immediately credited Tidwell's account for $200.

And don't forget about Marina Huck. She deposited a $5,500 check into her account at Arizona Federal Credit Union. Unfortunately, though, the credit union misplaced the money and, after months, told Huck they simply couldn't locate her $5,500.

3 On Your Side asked the credit union to investigate again, and sure enough, all of Huck's money was located and put correctly into her account.

"I'd like to thank 3 On Your Side for all their time and effort on my behalf. I couldn't have done it without them," she said.

And finally, we helped Shelly Ulrich get $2,400 back from a wedding venue. The bride-to-be handed the money over to a place called Mystic Ranch so she could get married there. However, Mystic Ranch said it was prevented from having weddings due to the wrong zoning.

Although the owner of Mystic Ranch says she always intended on returning the money, Ulrich says she only received it after 3 On Your Side's involvement. Ulrich says she can now use the money to find a new wedding location.

"I am so relieved. I'm so excited. I get to finish planning the wedding of my dreams and marry my best friend. Because of you guys, I can now do that," she said.

And when you look at all of 3 On Your Side's reports from this past month, we were able to recover $9,658. For January and February this year, the 3 On Your Side team has helped viewers recover nearly $22,000.