Gilbert resident tired of getting towed hopes HOA relaxes rules

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Dorian Valente lives at the end of his block, and since his driveway is too short, he parks in front of it when he needs to run in and grab something quickly. He sees nothing wrong with it, but his home owner's association and the tow truck company they partner with do. 

Valente has lived in his Gilbert home for nearly two years. Since then he's had three run-ins with a tow truck. The first when he was unloading his car after a vacation. Though HOA rules say he can't park in the street, Valente didn't think much of it.

"I'm at the very end of this little driveway, I'm blocking absolutely no one," Valente said. "Within a matter of an hour, the car was gone." 

His HOA reimbursed him the $200 fee since he had just moved in. The second time was a near-tow about a year later. The most recent incident was just last week.

"Parked here no more than 20 minutes, went to the restroom, grabbed a snack, and by the time I came out it was gone," Valente said. 

If these are the rules, and the curb was just painted red, why does Valente keep parking there? Well, he said his garage was open the last two times so they knew someone was home, and he was only gone for a few minutes.

"There's still plenty of room to reverse, it's been done plenty of times," Valente said. "My neighbor, in fact, has also been towed."

The HOA tells us these rules are in place for emergency vehicles, and the towing company said they're just doing their job; they even said their driver waited 17 minutes before towing him. 

Valente just want to see the rules relax a little.

"It seems like we have somebody patrolling the area looking for a quick buck," he said.

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