Coyote takes long nap in Scottsdale man's fireplace

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Jonathan Radow was simply heading to work Thursday with his tea-cup terrier Karma when his neighbor started yelling.

"'There is a coyote right there!' he said," recalls Radow.

That coyote was only 25 pounds, and it may have been trying to use Karma as a snack. In all the commotion, it darted inside.

"As I was kind of running through the house, the coyote was behind me. It was very startled at that point. I was yelling to my wife, 'Get my firearm! Get my firearm!'" he recalled.

Radow called Scottsdale Police, who arrived a short time later. By that point, the coyote was fast-asleep inside Radow's fireplace.

"It (was) not taking a nap. It's (was) in REM sleep. It's in full-on, 100 percent I-am-just-going-to-bed-and-I-had-a-long-night out kind of sleep," he joked. 

Radow and his neighbor tried using maracas to wake up the animal, but nothing worked.

"So we shook them. (The coyote) didn't move. We tossed some at it. (The coyote) didn't move. (We) tossed some and hit it. (The coyote) didn't move," said neighbor Scott Franks.

Scottsdale Police tried using a broom to wake up the coyote, but it was not until Animal Control arrived that they were able to remove the animal

"Karma was not a snack. It's nice to have a feel good funny story," said Radow.

The animal tested negative for rabies and was released into a less populated area.

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