Valley man remembers Robin Williams as humanitarian

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A Valley man who was friends with Robin Williams is stunned by the actor's death.

Jimmy Walker, founder of Celebrity Fight Night, said Williams helped raise more than $1 million for Muhammad Ali's Parkinson's Center.

"Just having Robin come, it helped. The guests wanted to come and buy seats, buy tables because he was just such a marvelous person. Just like Muhammad Ali, he loved attention. He loved the stage," said Walker.

While fans across the world remember Williams as a comedian and actor, Walker recalls Williams as a humanitarian.

"I think a lot of people aren't aware of the fact of what a phenomenal human being he was, what a kind person," said Walker.

Walker said he knew Williams suffered from depression.

"I found out about it just recently from a close friend of his, and it concerned me and it concerned my friend," said Walker.

Still, he never imagined Williams would take his own life.

"I got the call, the unfortunate call from Muhammad Ali's wife yesterday and I was just speechless," said Walker.

Walker prefers to focus on the good times. He'll never forget when Williams stood up on a table to quiet a rowdy crowd for host Reba McEntire.

"He yells out and starts speaking in a foreign language and it went on for five minutes. It was Japanese, Chinese and everything and we just went 'whew, and he just blew everybody away,'" said Walker.

"If you were speaking with Robin Williams he'd look at you straight, one on one, nothing else. He wasn't concerned about who was around or what's next. He was engaged and wanted to know about you," said Walker. "This is a man that transcended comedy to other levels and always there to provide help and provide need."

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