No reports of skin problems from Toledo water

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Signs at Maumee Bay warn swimmers of possible skin irritation from the water. Signs at Maumee Bay warn swimmers of possible skin irritation from the water.
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Can the chlorinated water in Toledo harm your skin? Many people are asking that question following the water ban being lifted.

Dermatologists we spoke with say they have no reports of people suffering from extensive skin damage due to the water.

Regardless, it's been a busy past couple of days at Dermatology Associates in Perrysburg. Dermatologist Dr. Sarah Stierman says patients are calling and second-guessing themselves.

"We've been having a decent increase in amount of phone calls from our patients who have sensitive skin and eczema," Stierman said. "Because of the water ban, they've been having issues as far as knowing how to cleanse their skin."

Dr. Stierman says she has not treated any patients who have been harmed by the water. However, she says those with sensitive skin or even an open wound may be more susceptible to irritation, especially with an increase in chlorine levels.  

"Chlorine is actually an irritant when in high levels in the skin, and so you're more likely to see increased itching, burning and redness - especially if you have a background of sensitive skin," Stierman said.
That means potential minor rashes, redness and itching.
The Toledo Lucas County Health Department confirms they have had zero cases of skin-related issues over the past week.

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