Phoenix teen recovers in hospital after attack

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Christian Cunningham. (Source: CBS 5 News) Christian Cunningham. (Source: CBS 5 News)

A stroll with friends Sunday morning ended in an unprovoked attack and a Phoenix teenager in a hospital recovering from a brain injury.

With family and friends surrounding his hospital bed Tuesday, 18-year-old Christian Cunningham recalled what happened.

"We were walking on the street, going to Circle K early, early morning," Cunningham said.

Cunningham said that's when they noticed a yellow Hummer coming straight at them.

"They tried to hit us and they missed. They started laughing and pulled into a Circle K," Cunningham said.

As the teens continued walking, the strangers in the Hummer tried running them over again, he said. This time his girlfriend took action.

"She threw a rock at them because they were literally a foot away from hitting us," Cunningham said.

Police said the Hummer stopped and at least three people got out and started attacking Cunningham and his friends. After a few minutes, the suspects took off but came back and assaulted them a second time.

Cunningham said that at one point he had gone into a seizure, but they still kept beating him.

"When you go after somebody who is seizing on the ground, to me, that is an animal. What is different between an animal and what he did to them?" his mother, Kimberly Cunningham, said.

Christian Cunningham suffered a broken shoulder and bleeding of the brain.

Officers arrested 18-year-old Kyle Ryder and 18-year-old Ashton Hamilton in the case. Ryder's charges were later dismissed.

However, Kimberly Cunningham said there are other attackers, and she wants them brought to justice.

Phoenix police said they're trying to identify everyone who was in the Hummer, but there were conflicting reports about the number of people.

Ryder was released on $35,000 bond and is under house arrest. Hamilton is being held on $35,000 cash bond.

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