Kennedy demands probe of State Police benefits measure

Col. Mike Edmonson (left) and Sen. Neil Riser (Source: Facebook) Col. Mike Edmonson (left) and Sen. Neil Riser (Source: Facebook)
File photo of State Treasurer John Kennedy File photo of State Treasurer John Kennedy

Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy wants the Louisiana State Police Retirement Board to avoid any delay in probing a controversial measure by the Legislature. Now an LSPRS official says board attorneys are reviewing the measure in detail.

Senator Neil Riser's amendment to Senate Bill 294 would give State Police head Mike Edmonson and at least one other trooper at least $30,000 more in retirement benefits, annually.

Kennedy wrote an open letter to the board Tuesday, warning that the move could diminish the system's ability to give cost-of-living adjustments to retirees and their families.  

Col. Edmonson has said he will not accept the additional benefits at this time - but Kennedy says there's no guarantee that Edmonson or someone else won't claim the extra money in the future.

You can read Kennedy's letter here.

LSPRS executive director Irwin Felps told FOX 8 Tuesday afternoon that board attorneys are investigating the matter. He says, once the attorneys have issued their opinion in a week or two, he expects a special meeting to be called to address the issue.

Sen. Riser denied any responsibility for the measure until sources told FOX 8 News that he was the lawmaker behind it.