Marion Co. family surprised to find balloons with 2 wedding rings attached

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The rings were attached to these balloons. Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC The rings were attached to these balloons. Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC

The discovery of two wedding rings attached to balloons has a small west Alabama community talking.

On July 6 the Weeks family noticed something shiny out in a field near their Winfield, Marion County home.

The next day, Brenton Weeks and his brother hopped on their golf cart to see what it was. At first, Weeks thought it was just two random blue balloons that floated into the field.

"I was just about to take them inside when I noticed something sparkling on the bottom of them," Weeks said.

That something turned out to be a diamond engagement ring and wedding band attached to the ribbon of the balloons.

"I was just shocked because I never heard or seen that before," Weeks said.

So Weeks' mother, Melany Weeks, took the rings to a local jeweler who confirmed that the rings are genuine. Melany Weeks is now trying to figure out who they belong to and how in the world they ended up near her home.

Of course, the family has their own ideas.

"There have been many comments about how someone wanted to let them go and maybe didn't want to find them again," Melany Weeks said. "And that may be the case, but I don't know maybe I'm more of a romantic than a realist and I'd like to think that it was possibly a proposal gone wrong."

"We have some friends from New York that said up there once people got divorced and they are happy, they would have a divorce party. I think that could be a possibly where they came from," Weeks said.

The Weeks and Winfield Police aren't showing us the rings because they want the real owners to describe them. The family says the rings are very distinctive and they hope they can find who they belong to soon.

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