Glendale family aims to help undocumented children in Nogales

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Ogle, left, and Overbey, right, hope to help undocumented children. (CBS 5) Ogle, left, and Overbey, right, hope to help undocumented children. (CBS 5)

A Valley family wants to make a difference after they saw leaked images of undocumented children in a Nogales warehouse.

Karyn Ogle and Jarrod Overbey began a GoFundMe account last week and have already raised over $1,000 in donations and they say more are on the way.

"The situation [in Nogales] is horrible," Ogle said. "These children are laying on the floor with blankets that can't be comfortable and it looks like they've been wearing the same clothes for days."

Overbey began to raise donations for bottled water and toys to aid thousands of undocumented children being housed in southern Arizona.

"Even if it's only a smile for a moment, it's a smile we provided," Overbey said. "If you can make them smile and at least make them forget about their plight for a second, then that's a second they didn't have to think about."

The Glendale family hopes to raise enough donations to send aid to the undocumented children as early as mid-July.

"[The kids] don't know if everything's going to be OK," he said. "If they get sent back to wherever they're from, it may not be OK."

Overbey said his campaign to aid the children is strictly humanitarian.

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