Fred Goldman, 20 years after his son's brutal murder

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Fred Goldman sat down with CBS 5 News anchor Catherine Anaya to talk about the 20 years since his son Ron was brutally murdered along with Nicole Brown Simpson outside her Brentwood, CA, condominium.

"He was thoughtful. He was caring. He was loving," Goldman said about his then 25-year-old son. He described him as a nice guy who everyone adored.

"I'm proud of my son every day of my life. He was who he was and that's why he chose to return glasses to Nicole's mother or for Nicole's mother. And it's that act of kindness that got him killed. I wish he had not been so kind that night."

The night was June 12, 1994. Ron was working as a waiter at a Brentwood restaurant.

The next morning, Fred Goldman awakened to the news the rest of the world was hearing. The news was that Nicole Brown Simpson and a friend had been brutally murdered and that police considered her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, their main suspect. That afternoon, Fred Goldman's  wife answered a call.

"She (his wife Patti) yelled at me to come to the phone. Something's happened to Ron! And I got on the other phone and they said, are you aware of this murder that took place today and using his name and I said, yeah, but what does that have to do with me? And she said your son was the other victim. That's how I found out. A phone call from the coroner's office."

Goldman said he had no idea then about the horrifying details.

"No, I didn't have any idea how horrible it was," he said.

Ron had been viciously stabbed nearly 60 times.

What followed was a frenzy that started with that infamous slow-speed Bronco chase.

"Thousands of people cheering him on… it was just insane," Goldman recalled.

Then, the so-called "Trial of the Century" and a verdict, Goldman did not expect.

"I heard those words, not guilty, and I couldn't fathom how that was possible."

Twenty years later, Goldman says the pain is always there.

"It's always there. Almost at a drop of a hat I can get emotional or cry."

Goldman will not refer to O.J. Simpson by name.

"The killer. That's who he is. And he doesn't deserve to have his name spoken and I'm never going to speak it. My daughter, my family. Nobody speaks his name. He's the killer."

Goldman said he and his daughter Kim wrote to Simpson once in jail.

"Kim and I sent him a card when he went to jail in Nevada wishing him happiness in his new home. And it was a pleasure to address it to his prison number not his name."

Two decades after his son's murder, Goldman says life has taken on a new normal, without his son, who he believes died just trying to do the right thing.

"I believe firmly that evidence suggested that someone yelled, hey, hey, around the times of the murders. I'm convinced it was Ron appearing and getting there right about the time that he was either punching Nicole or killing her and he walked into it.  He stayed and he died trying to save another human being and what else can I say. He was a decent human being who tried to help someone else."

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