Toledo police wants to partner with citizens to fight crime

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City officials joined together to emphasize the importance of this partnership. City officials joined together to emphasize the importance of this partnership.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo police are asking for your help as they push to get citizens involved in crime prevention and more active in their neighborhoods. The department held a forum Friday to discuss a partnership between the police and you.

With 150 crime cameras around town, a new crime mapping online tool, along with daily tweets and Facebook posts, it would seem like the department is moving towards technology to crack down on crime, but it's actually the opposite.

Their message is it starts with you.

The Toledo Police Department is only as strong as the community. It wants to build a partnership with residents and neighborhoods to prevent crime and build a stronger city.

"It's a partnership. You can't pick up the phone and call 911 and feel like all your problems are over with," said Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins.

At the forum, which was held by the Toledo Press Club, TPD and mayor, one message was clear: They can't police the city by themselves. They need citizens to be aware of what's happening around them and call in tips, even for past crimes.

"Who better knows your neighborhood than you. It's where you live. We can't be everywhere at once. So we rely on citizens to inform us of what's going on in your neighborhood," said officer Dana Slayer.

It's easy for individuals to provide anonymous tips by going online to places like Facebook.

"We need dedicated partnerships between neighborhoods, our law enforcement mission and the practitioners, and utilizing the information we have because knowledge is power, information is power, and it's the only way we're gonna fix our neighborhoods," said Collins.

This is where technology comes in to play. The TPD has made it easy to communicate with them through private messages on Facebook and Twitter, or sending anonymous tips on their website. They want you to feel safe when reporting information to them.

The importance of blockwatch was another topic of discussion. TPD says it's an easy way to get involved in community policing and fight crime in your neighborhood.

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