Neo-Nazi graffiti angers Phoenix apartment residents

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Neo-Nazi graffiti at Saratoga Apartment Homes Neo-Nazi graffiti at Saratoga Apartment Homes

Imagine walking out onto your balcony surrounded by the beautiful mountain views of north Phoenix only to look down and see swastikas and words of hate.

That's what some people at the Saratoga Ridge Apartment Homes near Bell Road and 16th Street  have been dealing with for days.

"It's like, did anybody pay attention to Martin Luther King's message at all?" asked resident Nohl Rosen. "Have we forgotten it?"

The graffiti is located in a wash that runs through the apartment complex property.

This isn't just unsightly graffiti.

It's a hate-filled diatribe.

The word ‘Nazi' is spray painted on a wall.

There are also two swastikas.

Under one, it reads, "Hitler is back."

Below the other, are the words, "White power."

"We all know about what Hitler did during the Holocaust, don't we?" asked Rosen. "That's what I see. I see a lot of hate. And, it does bother me. It really does bother me to see that message - and, especially in a complex that has so much diverse culture here."

Rosen's neighbors feel the same way.

"That message depicts hatred towards me," said Lisa Wier. "Intolerance towards everyone as if they are some superior being, which they aren't."

When CBS 5 News tried to talk with Saratoga Ridge management about who's responsible for painting over the graffiti, our crew was told to leave the property.

Phoenix police said if the person or persons responsible for the graffiti are caught, they're looking at a charge of criminal damage.

Sgt. Trent Crump said, if convicted, they could get a tougher sentence because the hate message is an aggravating factor.

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