Woman rescued from her home after storm damage in Buhl

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(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

A woman was rescued from her mobile home by a neighbor after a tree fell on it in Buhl during the storms late Sunday night.

The large tree nearly split Kim Strickland's home down the middle. She was rescued by her neighbor Dustin Freeman. He had a tree fall on his house just across the street.

"I went over there and knocked her front door down cause it was locked and I couldn't find her. The tree fell right down the middle of her house. I climbed through the inside and the fire department helped me drag down the wall. We pulled everything off the top of her. Luckily, all the clothes on her rack fell on top of her so she was alright," said Freeman.

Dustin said Kim is doing well. The large tree was one of about half a dozen to fall in Buhl because of the storms, in addition to some downed power lines.

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