AZ company helps student-athletes market themselves to colleges

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Courtesy: Virtual Sports Recruit Courtesy: Virtual Sports Recruit

If you're a parent of a student-athlete, who's hoping to play college sports, a new valley business can help ensure your teen's talent gets noticed.

Virtual Sports Recruit started up in Chandler about a month and a half ago.         

It's not a recruiting service.

The company builds and hosts web pages, that showcase your child's athletic abilities, and you target the colleges and coaches.

"As a mom, it gives me the relief that we could very easily get some financial help for college, and not work until I'm 90," said Virtual Sports Recruit co-owner Evelyn Wheeler about athletic scholarships.

Her daughter Ashlyn Wheeler is a die-hard volleyball player with big dreams.

"It would be great if I could play in the Olympics, and I want to strive to get there," said Ashlyn. "But, I definitely need to play in college."

Before the family moved to Arizona from Colorado last year, Wheeler emailed several valley club volleyball teams to see is she could sign her daughter up.

When no one responded, she and her husband built Ashlyn a website, showcasing her moves on the court, and hit resend.

"When we got here, we had a week's worth of try outs for her," said Wheeler. "And, so, it was like, well, that worked!"

Knowing they were on to something, Wheeler and her husband started Virtual Sports Recruit to help other student-athletes market themselves directly to college coaches.

"It opens up that door quite a bit more, because it shows they're a solid person," Wheeler explained. "They're not afraid to communicate with adults. And, it just gives them a step up in our opinion."

Websites, created by the company, contain the student-athlete's bio, GPA, stats, pictures, videos, a link to their own YouTube channel and an event calendar that the parent controls.

"What happens then is, this coach can go on look at their calendar and show up and watch them, without that child knowing, which takes a lot of pressure off the child being nervous that there's a college here watching me."

If you'd like to learn more about Virtual Sports Recruit click here.

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