34.1 million Americans claim to have Irish ancestry

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The following graphic was provided by the 2012 US census The following graphic was provided by the 2012 US census

Whether you are Irish for a day or come from a long line of Irish blood, Monday was a day of pride and celebration.

In New England is some of the highest concentration of Irish heritage. More than 16 percent of Connecticut residents claim to come from Irish descent.

More than 22 percent of Massachusetts residence claim to have Irish ancestry, and with Boston being home to the Celtics, more than 24 percent of Boston's population call themselves as Irish as well. New York has 2.5 million people claiming Irish lineage, which is among the most of any state.

In the 2012 U.S. census, 34.1 million Americans claimed Irish ancestry, which is more than seven times the population of Ireland itself.

Irish was the nation's second most frequently reported nationality, trailing only behind German.

On St. Patrick's Day, more than 25 billion pounds of beef is produced for the traditional Irish dish of corned beef, and more than $21 million is spent on chrysanthemum arrangements for the big day.

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