Woman still inside home when crews begin to board-up windows

Posted: Updated: March 11, 2014 10:54 PM
Woman calls 911 after crew begins boarding up home. Woman calls 911 after crew begins boarding up home.

A woman was inside her home with her nine-month-old baby, when suddenly she hears drilling at the doors. 

She was too scared to say anything to the crews putting up boards on her doors and windows with her and the baby still inside the home. 

So she calls 911, scared that she will be trapped inside.

"Are you able to get out the house at all?" asked the dispatcher. "No I don't think so," she said. "Somebody is drilling downstairs, I think they got in the house."

It happened recently in the 3300 block of East 134th Street in Cleveland. 

The woman tells police she had been renting from two ruthless landlords, who have been in the news before. 

Police arrested the landlords, and found they had hired the crew. The workers had no idea anyone was inside. 

The woman calling for help was behind on her rent, and should have been out of the house before this. 

No charges have been filed.

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