Quick adjustments for golfers at Accenture Match Play Championships

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

There are eight matches left to be played at the Accenture Match Play Championship on Friday, and for those 16 golfers that may mean a few adjustments during play.

Each of the 16 players has a different body type and each plays with clubs specifically made for them and their swing.  But sometimes that swing might be just a little off and that may mean an adjustment to the clubs.

For the average golfer this means going to the local golf shop and waiting anywhere from a few days to a week to get their clubs back. 

For the professional golfer, when time is important, waiting that long is not an option and that is where the club makers go the extra step, providing an on-site technician.

If an adjustment is needed – from anything like a shaft change or creating a brand new club or driver - the tech crew is there to fix it immediately.  Sometimes the work is done almost instantly, sometimes even being complete before the player has left the range to test it out.

One such tech, Christian Cervantes, has a connection to Tucson. The Adams Tour rep grew up in Tucson and went to Rincon High School. 

"They have a question, or an issue or anything like that we are there to make the adjustment or build them a new club, so they can play better that week," Cervantes said.

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