TASER shoots ID confetti leading to arrests in violin robbery

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Crime scene investigators spend a lot of time searching for clues, including shell casings, fingerprints and DNA.

It is often pain staking and time consuming work.

A group of suspected thieves in Wisconsin might as well have left their drivers licenses at the scene of the crime, because identifying information fired from a TASER led police right to their door.

A Stradivarius violin estimated to be worth five million dollars was stolen in a violent and planned out assault on the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The violin player was shocked by a TASER while walking to his car following a concert and robbed of his precious instrument.

The TASER C2 puts out enough electricity to temporarily paralyze whomever is at the receiving end of it.

Each one of the TASER cartridges contains twenty-six small confetti like tags called AFIDs which are packed into the firing mechanism. When engaged, the AFIDs fly out of the TASER and scatter around the area where the device was utilized.

AFIDs stands for Anti Felon Identification System. The TASER International company has utilized them in their products since the beginning.

"What it is doing is preventing people from doing crimes," says TASER Vice President Steve Tuttle.

"It tells the owner, if you do, you're putting twenty to thirty of these out there," Tuttle says while holding up a business card.

Those 'business cards' were right there at the scene of the crime in Milwaukee just waiting for police to pick them up. It took a few days, but cops tracked down three people who have been arrested in connection with the theft.

"(TASER was) immediately contacted by Milwaukee Police and the FBI and we were given a number to trace," says Tuttle. "There's a ninety-eight percent chance that when you deploy this, good luck, because we're going to catch you."

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