Students take to Twitter, call to #CloseBG

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BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Ittakes more than a little bad weather to close a university, but some BowlingGreen State University students say commuter safety should be taken moreseriously.

Studentstired of walking to class in frigid temperatures took to Twitter to make theirpoint. #CloseBG was trending on social media Sunday night. They say thatbecause Wood County was under a leveltwo snow emergency Monday morning, students shouldn't have to putthemselves in danger to get to class.

"Youjust got to be really careful," said Evan Fletcher, a senior who commutes. "Youcan't stop too fast, like if you're at a stop sign or anything, or take turnseven at 25, you can slip."

 University policy states campus will only closeduring a level three snow emergency.

Ourcertified most accurate meteorologists are predicting a wind chill of 20degrees below zero Tuesday morning. University officials say they're monitoringthe situation and will make the call as they see fit.

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