Centennial Park geese recovering after stranded on ice

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Photo courtesy Walden's Puddle Photo courtesy Walden's Puddle

A couple of geese who found themselves stranded on the frozen water at Centennial Park have been getting some much needed care.

The animal rights group Walden's Puddle has been caring for the birds, making sure they're healthy enough to make it on their own.

The geese were seen trapped in the frozen ice of Lake Watauga near the Parthenon on Wednesday afternoon. Passersby tried to help the birds as they fought to free themselves, but they weren't able to reach them.

It took a Metro Parks employee to slide his way across the ice in a kayak to reach the shivering animals and bring them to safety.

Workers at Walden's Puddle say the birds are now drinking water and eating some food, which will give their bodies some much needed nourishment.

"They are on the mend," said Tina Bowers, with Walden's Puddle. "They're very skinny - lots of fluffy feathers, but not much body mass under those feathers. They also have some abrasions on their feet, probably from trying to get out of the ice."

Bowers believes the geese were once domesticated pets that were abandoned and didn't know how to survive in the wild.

Once they're strong enough, Walden's Puddle will find a suitable home.

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