More crime at area apartment complex raises concern

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More break ins at the Treehouse Apartment complex is raising more concern among residents in Henrico.

John has lived at the Treehouse Apartments for the last three years the news about several people being robbed at gun point recently put he and his family on high alert. They are concerned now more than ever after a neighbor was robbed just yesterday.

"I don't know if this stuff is randomly done or they just picking people or whatever but you know its hard to monitor everything that is going on around you when you are trying to monitor your own life," John said.

In one hour five people were held at gun point and robbed here last week. Henrico police say they have several strong leads in the case and could be pretty close to making an arrest.

"People get out here and work hard and someone just come and take it away I mean its just no respect, I mean respect is gone now."

Like John, Todd Scott is one of many others hoping and waiting for those arrest to happen. He says more security in the area would help reduce maybe even stop crime in the complex.

"The gates have been broken down you know the booth is right there and nobody is sitting there nobody sees what's going on," Todd Scott said.

"Guess they are just going to have to beef it up and have some private security walking around at night or I don't know how much that will do but it's a start you know."

A start that John says will hopefully breathe life back into a once thriving community.

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