National average of gas prices significantly cheaper than Thanksgiving last year

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Heat map reveals changes in gas prices compared to Thanksgiving 2012. Source: Heat map reveals changes in gas prices compared to Thanksgiving 2012. Source:
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Thanksgiving road trips may be a little easier on the wallet this year compared to the past two years, according to figures released by

At $3.27 a gallon, the national average price for gasoline this Thanksgiving will be 16 cents cheaper than last Thanksgiving, and 5 cents cheaper than 2011.

However, a map showing the changes in gas prices since last year reveals that much of the south, including Georgia and Alabama, are actually experiencing higher prices, or a very little drop since last year. Travelers in these areas may not notice significant savings until they reach areas to the north and west (see map).

Nationally, the average minivan driver should be able to travel an extra 29 miles on $100 worth of gas, compared to 2012. Meanwhile, the more typical auto driver can go even farther with that $100; they'll get an additional 34 miles closer to friends and family.

For the month of November so far, consumers have collectively saved about $1.93 billion on gas compared to last year, and $1.5 billion compared to 2011. However, November fuel costs are projected to be about $2 billion more than the same month in 2010.   

Experts say a major factor in cheaper fuel prices this year is the ongoing US oil production boom. US companies are producing 1.25 million barrels more crude per day than this time last year. Output is up over 2 million barrels per day from the 2011 holiday.

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