Pair of baby javelina rescued after herd found killed

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Herd of javelina found dead in Scottsdale. Herd of javelina found dead in Scottsdale.

Drivers along Shea Boulevard found a disturbing sight during their commute on Monday morning. Nearly an entire herd of javelina were found dead and left in a pile.

The discovery sparked an investigation by the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Tim Holt, an officer with the department, helped determine how the animals died.

"We did not know what to expect," Holt said. "It was road-kill related, and the injuries were consistent with that as well."

Nearly the entire herd, nine javelina, were victims of traffic. Scottsdale police say an officer found the dead animals on Shea Boulevard and cleared the roadway overnight.

The two remaining javelina were taken to a local rehabilitation center where they will eventually join another herd and be released back into the wild.

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