Bees attack 20 at birthday party in southern AZ

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Children, adults stung by bees at Fort Lowell Park. (Source: CBS 5 News) Children, adults stung by bees at Fort Lowell Park. (Source: CBS 5 News)

A birthday celebration quickly turned into a panic after bees started attacking in one southern Arizona community.

The swarm stung about 20 people at the Tucson party at Fort Lowell Park near N. Craycroft Road and E. Glenn Street around 5 p.m. Saturday.

Most of the victims, both children and adults, had been stung once or twice, said Tucson Fire Department spokesman Capt. Chris Jurvig.

Firefighters dressed in protective gear moved the partygoers' belongings to another area of the park about 1,000 feet away so they could continue on with their festivities, Jurvig said. 

The bees were exterminated with foam. A professional exterminator company was also called in to assist.

Nobody required medical transport, and all the kids at the party got to tour the ladder truck once they were moved to a safe location.

Jurvig passed along these safety measures:

Always be aware of bees and attempt to avoid them as you would with snakes and other dangerous creatures.

Most of the time bees will mind their own business unless provoked.

Do not swat at bees as that can upset them and trigger an attack.

If you are being attacked, cover your face with something and run to the nearest home, car or other shelter that creates a barrier between you and the bees.

If you find a swarm or hive on your property, contact a professional bee service to have it removed.

If a person or animal is being attacked, call 911 immediately.

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