What it cost taxpayers to have Ariel Castro's home guarded

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Police tape protects Castro's Seymour Avenue home before demo Police tape protects Castro's Seymour Avenue home before demo

19 Action News has learned the final cost in tax dollars spent by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department to guard the home of sex predator Ariel Castro.

The Sheriff's Department says it cost $50,310. Deputies stood guard outside of the Seymour Avenue property as the case was investigated, and until the home was torn down.

At times, there was a Cleveland police car and a Sheriff's Department car both at the scene. Later, there was just one car and Cleveland police and the Sheriff's Department alternated protecting the scene.

When Castro was held in the county jail, he was under a 24/7 watch, but the Sheriff's Department says there was no extra cost for that since guards would have been in that jail pod anyway. The only cost of holding Castro in jail would have been what it costs to hold any other inmate.

The $50,310 figure does not include the cost of Cleveland police guarding the scene.

Ariel Castro held three women hostage over the course of more than ten years and recently committed suicide in prison.

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