'It wasn't my time,' says Midlands man struck by lightning

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Teddie Adams holds up the car keys that may have been the lightning rod for his date with Mother Nature. Teddie Adams holds up the car keys that may have been the lightning rod for his date with Mother Nature.

The chances of getting struck by lightning are roughly 280,000 to one. For Teddie Adams, his number came up "one" just two weeks ago.

Adams heard thunder rumbling on Aug. 20 as he stepped off the curb at OCAB Community Action Agency where he's the family services coordinator.

That's when he felt the strange surge.  

"The next thing I knew I heard, BAMPOW and I was knocked, spinning and down to one knee," said Adams.

So what was he holding that made him such a magnet for Mother Nature's wrath? His set of car keys.

"At the same time, the keys in my hand were getting hot and I couldn't throw them out, and I couldn't figure out what had happened," said Adams.

Adams is no stranger to pain.

"I've played football in high school, I've fallen off of ladders, I've fallen off roofs, but that's the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life," said Adams.

"I couldn't take a deep breath I was like, gasping, that was all I could do and my chest," said Adams. "The pressure was just unreal, and I thought I was dying."

Two co-workers got him back in the building and called 911, while his boss kept him calm.

"He kept telling me, 'Teddie, stay focused, stay with me. You're going to make it, 911 is on the way,'" said Adams.

Adams said he wanted to give up, but his co-workers just wouldn't let him. Instead, he opted for prayer.

"I think I always had a good prayer life," said Adams. "I get up every morning, well, that's not true; I get up five six days a week, and I read my Bible and say my prayers. Now it's seven days a week for real."

Adams has lost a little of his balance and says his hearings not quite right. Overall, he's tired, but has more to give.

"It wasn't my time," said Adams. "I really believe you don't leave here until your name is called, and you can't go before that and my name hasn't been called yet."

The entire experience has made Adams thankful in fact he wants to share that thanks by doing a special Thanksgiving for the kids at his workplace.

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