Dreamers rally outside ICE for second day in a row

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AZ Dream Act Coalition calling for a stop in deportations. AZ Dream Act Coalition calling for a stop in deportations.

"Dreamers" rallied outside Immigration and Custom Enforcement headquarters in downtown Phoenix for the second day in a row. They want deportation to stop.

Members of the AZ Dream Act Coalition say it's time for them to stand up and that one too many families have been torn apart. 

It was a much calmer protest outside Thursday with only a couple dozen Dreamers showing up.

"We are here today to protect the 4.5 million children who have at least one undocumented parent," said Dulce Matuz.

But yesterday was a different story. Four Dreamers chained themselves to a gate outside of ICE. Federal agents used bolt cutters to free them and arrested them. They were released shortly after. The protest lasted well into the night with demonstrators trying to stop a federal bus with illegal immigrants inside from leaving.

Those who were arrested were back out again.

One of the Dreamers, Yadira Garcia, admits she and her family are undocumented.

"It was a risk I was willing to take because I love my family, I love my community. Something needs to be done to stop all the pain," she said.

Garcia says her father was deported in 2010. She wants Congress to step in before she or anyone else gets sent back to Mexico.

"We had built a life already, I was in college, I was living the American dream," she said.

The Dreamers say they have another vigil tonight outside of ICE Thursday night.

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