Manhunt for Derrick Hudson continues

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Scene on Chesterfield Avenue after two people were shot and a woman kidnapped Scene on Chesterfield Avenue after two people were shot and a woman kidnapped

Police say Derrick Hudson is a desperate killer who was recently released from prison and now he's back in trouble -- this time for shooting two people at a home on Chesterfield Avenue.

He's also accused of kidnapping a third person.

"He put a gun to the victim's head and took her hostage," said Police Chief Michael McGrath.

The violence began inside a duplex around 9:30 Saturday morning after Hudson argued with  ex-girlfriend Kenya Pierce.

When neighbors downstairs went to check on Ms. Pierce police say he shot them, meaning Hudson shot his own uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Munds.  

Hudson served 10 years for killing the boyfriend of the woman he once dated and now holds as a hostage.

"That incident involved a homicide of the boyfriend of our current victim Ms. Pierce," added said Police Chief Michael McGrath.

After serving prison time for killing the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend authorities are now worried Hudson has the worst of intentions, feelings that festered behind bars for 10 years and manifested with Saturday morning's violence.

It's unclear where Hudson was staying after his release from prison, but he could have been living with the aunt and uncle whom police say he shot.

It also appears Hudson wanted to rekindle his relationship with Kenya Pierce but neighbors say it wasn't working.  

"Said it's been on going, a domestic dispute so people were worried about it but never thought it would explode to this magnitude," said Councilman Kevin Conwell.

Police say after kidnapping Ms. Pierce at gunpoint he stole her car, a red Dodge Magnum with the Ohio license plate of FHY 4340.

Police caution anyone who might see the vehicle. If you do, do not approach it. Give them a call.

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