Andrea Sneiderman's fate in hands of a jury

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Andrea Sneiderman Andrea Sneiderman

Jurors in the Andrea Sneiderman perjury trial will return Friday for their first full day of deliberations to determine whether she lied to police and in court when questioned about her husband's murder.

Deliberations began late Thursday afternoon. The judge sent the jury home about an hour later.

Andrea Sneiderman is accused of lying to cover up her suspicions that her boss, who prosecutors said was her lover, had killed her husband. Rusty Sneiderman was gunned down outside a Dunwoody daycare center in November 2010.

Hemy Neuman is serving life in prison for the killing.

"She is an unmitigated liar," DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James told jurors. "Every time she opens up her mouth, she tells a lie."

Andrea Sneiderman's attorney Thomas Clegg told jurors  that the case against Andrea Sneiderman is purely circumstantial and Andrea Sneiderman is the "victim" because of Neuman's actions.

"Part of that woman's heart, part of that woman's soul was ripped apart and she will never get that back," during closing arguments. "The state of Georgia is doing all it can to take away the rest of her heart, the rest of her soul."

Clegg said that it was Dunwoody police who failed to ask the right questions.

"They blew it, folks," said Clegg. "They blew it totally. They blew it completely."

Prosecutors played several clips of video during closing arguments that they said show specific instances in which Andrea Sneiderman lied. James urged the jury to find her guilty.

"The truth is that Andrea Sneiderman is guilty of all 13 counts in this indictment because she, ladies and gentlemen, is a liar," said James. "In America, you cannot lie to police, and you cannot lie to the jury."

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