Guyton man testifies in Fort Hood massacre

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Testimony is underway for the 2009 Fort Hood massacre. One soldier from Guyton took the stand on Thursday and gave graphic accounts of the chaos that took place at the fort.

We spoke to the mother of that soldier, who is still shaken from the event.

Janice Armstrong received a message no mom wants to receive on a day she will never forget, November 5, 2009.

"He took the time to call me on the cell phone, to call me yelling 'Emergency, mom pick up the phone I've been shot.' So that was really terrifying. I wanted to strangle him for leaving me that message it took me 6 hours to get back in touch with him." said Armstrong.
James Armstrong was caught in the crossfire in the medical building when Hasan opened fire on hundreds of soldiers around him.

"He was sitting in his chair and laughing with his friends and he heard 'Ala abar' through the door, and he stood up and people started getting shot, and he had a person behind him that was shot and killed and the one on the right that was shot and killed and a girl in front of him that was shot. He reached to the ground to help her and he felt something pierce him in the back of the leg and he fell down, and when he went down he was shot again. At some point the guy walked outside and he tried to grab the girl and the guy came back in and started shooting at bodies and he threw a pavilion on her to try and keep her from being shot again. And it was total chaos. It was really hard for him." said Armstrong.

On Thursday, her son had to relive the terror in court.

"He testified where he was sitting, placement, and who was around him since there was three deaths that occurred around him. His testimony involved the proof that the three people next to him were killed." said Armstrong.

Hasan, who is representing himself, did not cross examine any witnesses.

"He probably will get the death penalty, but death for him would be easy; and I will go and watch. I wouldn't care if he sat in jail the rest of his life so he wouldn't get what he wants to be, a martyr." said Armstrong.

After taking the stand James Armstrong posted the following on Facebook:

"Thank you to all that have sent prayers my families way through this rough trip. It was hard looking at the garbage of a human being who destroyed so many lives. The strength I felt walking into that court room was empowering, but it was the strength that I have gained from my wife being by my side, my family who bled in the same grass and the families of the fallen who share love for one another. These people who stick together give each other strength and the courage to press forward. This terrorist has taken something from each of our lives, the situation has stressed relationships, jobs, and families to the point of breaking but yet we stand together. He tried to take things from us but it never occurred to him of our American spirit. That spirit that allows us to be proud of the brave ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice. That same spirit that allows us to stand together and remember and honor those lost. It is that same spirit that drives us to perform our duties in  memory of those fallen. You see Hassan left holes in our lives spots that could never be filled but his plan failed. He reminded us of what your nation was built on and that is the sacrifice of those brave individuals who still believe in America, a nation that will not back down from what we believe, a country that will not be ruled by terror. Our pain from the loss of those so brave is dulled by the feeling of pride for those who were so brave. The saying has been said so many times in the past few days that "now we can move on" but can we really? How do you move forward? Being in Texas and seeing my family gathered together for a direct cause of bringing this man to justice has been hard for us all. I feel the love from people I barely knew before all of this and that comforts me in ways that no person outside of the circle can understand. Here we are no longer black or white or Hispanic or Asian we are soldiers we are family we dare the same loss, pride, and lobe for those no longer with us. Moving on I don't think will ever come and nothing we do can bring back those that ment so much to us or had so much impact on our lives. We as a family will make it though this with heavy hearts but we will prevail. We will attempt to live our lives in honor for those we looked up too and lean on each other when we simply just need to vent. To my ft hood family thank you for all I have learned from you and the strength I have gained through each and every one of you. I especially thank my wife for putting up with my poo. This has and will continue to be a long road but with faith love and family we will make it through."

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