Michelle Knight speaks before Castro denies accusations

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Michelle Knight stands up and speaks out. Michelle Knight stands up and speaks out.
Ariel Castro denies he was a monster and says he's just sick. Ariel Castro denies he was a monster and says he's just sick.

Probably the oddest thing that happened in the courtroom was Ariel Castro's denials.

He didn't kill anyone, he didn't forcibly rape anyone, that the sex was consensual and that there was even what he called harmony in the house of horrors.

"If you saw the Youtube video of Amanda from this weekend, that right there proves that she was not injured," says Castro.

Ariel Castro may be the only person on the planet that believes there was harmony of any kind in his house of horrors.

The total weight of all the chains and padlocks combined was 92.28 pounds.

Pictures of the home show it as a disheveled mess with chains in rooms, old heavy doors nailed over exterior windows and obstacles placed on any exit path-- and these were not the most graphic pictures.  The descriptions at times were graphic as were descriptions of the women on the night they were found.

Miss Knight in particular related that she had been held prisoner, related that she had been pregnant, and been subjected to  deprivation of food and violence to try and force a miscarriage.

Castro's demeanor while polite was defiant when it came to what he did.  He seems to be laboring under the idea that he is not a violent person.  Michelle Knight spoke, not looking at Castro.  She was strong.

"You took 11 years of my life away and now I've got them back.  I spent 11 years in hell, now your hell is just beginning."

The judge had the final say--life plus 1000 years for Castro and a scolding.

"Seems to me that you would still pose a grave danger to the community if you would receive anything but consecutive sentences.  You don't deserve to be out in the community.  You're too dangerous."

During the sentencing, a cousin of Gina DeJesus spoke.  When she finished she turned toward Ariel Castro and in Spanish told him "May God have mercy on your soul."

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