Judgement day- Gina DeJesus' family speaks at sentencing

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Ariel Castro talking to his defense attorney. Ariel Castro talking to his defense attorney.

Gina DeJesus, held captive by Ariel Castro for nine years was not at his sentencing today but a family spokesperson was and indicated Gina is on the road to recovery.

Gina was the youngest of the three captive women.  She was abducted in April of 2004 on her way home from school at just 14 years-old and was exposed to unimaginable abuse and horror.

The abuse over nine years was so constant and severe Gina at some point was too afraid to try and escape. 

A family friend in a published report says Gina is "not all there mentally" and that her psychological scars are deep.  

She has physical scars too, a fused neck from being chained for months in an awkward position.  But again Gina is moving forward with her new life and wants the public to respect her privacy. 

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