SC Home Depot staff builds Leukemia patient putt-putt green

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Home Depot workers' putt-putt green. (July 17, 2013/FOX Carolina) Home Depot workers' putt-putt green. (July 17, 2013/FOX Carolina)

What started as a simple check out at Home Depot, turned into a surprise project for the staff to help a sick five-year-old.

A Greenville father was just asking for some spare lumber, even from the trash, to build his son a back yard putt-putt green. He said he never expected the response he's gotten.

Anthony Cardona fell in love with golf, putt-putt in particular, while he underwent treatment and therapies for Leukemia.

He was diagnosed at just two and a half, and his family wants him to feel like a normal kid and play when he can.

His father, Fredy Cardona, asked staff at the Home Depot on Pleasantburg Drive near Cherrydale what their policy for lumber donations was, because he wanted to build an at-home putt-putt green for Anthony.

"I really wanted to take this a step further," said Jill Farrior, a supervisor at the Home Depot. "I knew we had experts like Lee that could help build it, we had artists like Amanda Chapman. I knew that if we all pulled together as a store, we could really do something fun and helpful for him."

"It's overwhelming. It's nice to find out there's still good people who want to help," said Fredy Cardona.

He said that Anthony has more treatments in his future, but he is getting better. If things keep going well, the boy can start kindergarten this fall.

Home Depot staff hopes to reveal Anthony's surprise within the week.

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