Motorcyclist shoots video of himself during police pursuit

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Motorcyclist's video from YouTube. Motorcyclist's video from YouTube.
Police cruiser from YouTube video. Police cruiser from YouTube video.

A YouTube video posted last Friday appears to show a motorcyclist video taping himself using a head cam as he outruns a police cruiser in Goose Creek.

The video begins with the caption,"So many cops...why must they ruin my fun?"

In the video, it appears that motorists are taunting the motorcyclist who then speeds up and spots a police cruiser traveling in the opposite direction.

At one point during the video, the motorcyclist turns around and sees the police cruiser following from behind.

Near the end of the video, the motorcyclist can be heard laughing after saying,"I got away with that, yes!"

The video was posted by a YouTube user named Tyler D who has posted other videos of himself riding around the Lowcountry.

Goose Creek Police Captain John Grainger said Thursday he could not confirm any attempt to stop the motorcycle by their officers.

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