Christie 'Born to run'? Gov drops hints during Late Night 'Slow Jam'

By Alison Harding, CNN
updated 8:04 AM EDT, Thu Jun 13, 2013

(CNN) -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dropped by NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday to try his hand at "Slow Jamming the News" -- a bit famously started by NBC newsman Brian Williams.

And while a special Senate election may not sound like a natural topic for a slow jam, somehow it worked. Christie said his decision to hold the election this October -- criticized by Democrats and even some Republicans -- wasn't "about playing politics. It's about doing the right thing."

"Now look at you sounding all presidential like," Fallon interjected. "You got something you want to announce on the show right now?"

"Come on Jimmy, do you really think I would come on this show to announce something like a presidential run?" the Republican governor shot back.

That's when Fallon's band The Roots started playing Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run."

Though Fallon and Christie "slow jammed" about the Senate special election in New Jersey and Christie's presidential ambitions, the duo never strayed far from one of Fallon's favorite punch lines: Christie's waistline.

"Look, we all know this election is going to cost tax payers some money, but these costs can't be measured against having an elected member of the United States Senate," Christie said over the sound of smooth jazz. "That's why I'm throwing my full weight behind this decision."

That's when Fallon jumped in: "Oh come on now Christie Cream Donut, how are you gonna be setting me up like that? It's too easy. It's not even funny."

"Isn't that what your audience says every night?" the governor responded.

Christie sat down with Fallon afterwards to discuss a range of topics, including the state's cleanup efforts from Hurricane Sandy, but first addressed his recent weight loss surgery, telling Fallon that he didn't think it was "anyone's business but mine and my family's," but that he expected the public to get wind of the news eventually.

"I've lost some weight," Christie told Fallon, adding he is already feeling better since the surgery in February.

For his part, Fallon worried what would happen to his monologue if Christie continues to shed pounds.


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