WFSB looks into the link between sleep, weight

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Eyewitness News looked into how getting more sleep could be the way for people to lose weight.

With the kids, jobs and errands to run, it's hard to get enough rest. If you think your lack of sleep may be affecting how much you weigh, Dr. Patrick Troy told Eyewitness News you could be right. 

"As your sleep time goes down, your weight goes up," Troy said.

Troy said there's a definite link between how much sleep you get and weight gain. It's all because of hormone levels that are thrown off balance.

If the level of the hormone leptin is off, that signals your body that it's stressed out and it needs food. 

"When your body faces stress, it's almost like the bear getting ready for winter," Troy said. "It chooses a high caloric food intake because its body is getting a signal that it's about to face quite a bit of stress."

Therefore people gain weight. 

Naturopathic Dr. Stacy Munroe said it's especially true for women.

"If a woman has five hours or less of sleep a night, they typically are going to weigh more than a woman who gets seven hours of sleep a night," Munroe said.

Munroe said eating a good breakfast, getting exercise and eating healthy food throughout the day will help. But nothing really replaces a good night sleep.

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