Victim of ITT Tech shooting claims school ignored concerns

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A little more than a year ago, a recruiter at a West Valley ITT Technical Institute was shot in the chest. She said the gunman was a student at the campus. She claimed to have warned her managers about his harassing and threatening nature but said nothing was done about it.

When 34-year-old Carlos Webb wanted to enroll at ITT Technical Institute, recruiter Kristen Trease said she immediately saw red flags.

"During the interview process, that's when he said, 'Hey, I'm a felon. Do you guys accept felons?'" Trease said. She said she looked up his records online and saw Webb pleaded no contest in New Mexico to aggravated burglary, second-degree kidnapping and stalking in 2006. So she said she went to her bosses.

"'Are we going to enroll him?' she said she asked her bosses. "'Yes, we're going to enroll him. We don't do background checks. Enroll him,'" she said of their response.

Trease said she did as she was told, but was soon going to her bosses again to complain about Webb.

"He was coming in and just, you know, trying to talk, 'let's go on a date' type stuff," she said.

She said her supervisor sat her down with Webb and told him not to contact her anymore. She thought she was in the clear when she found out Webb was leaving. But she said he came back to the school in the summer of 2011, and she was told to take care of his re-enrollment.

"I basically did what I was told because it's my job," Trease said.

And then on the night of April 24, 2012, as she was getting ready to leave work, she said Webb was waiting for her.

"He's just laughing, really creepy, just staring and laughing with a creepy grin on his face," Trease said.

Trease said Webb told her he was about to do something crazy, and she said he pulled out a gun, took her by the arms and dragged her to a dirt lot across the street.

"Dragging me all the way over here, all the way over here, laid me somewhere over here, I really can't quite remember," she said at the scene, recalling what happened.

Trease said she yelled at a nearby motorcyclist to help her and decided to make a run for it.

"I got away, I got one step, and he raised his arm and he shot me," she said.

Webb was eventually arrested, but Trease said she began what she calls a long and painful process to get better.

"I don't do much," Trease said. "I stay home because I'm scared to do too much. I'm scared to go out. I'm scared of people."

For weeks the station has been trying to reach ITT Tech for comment, calling and emailing the director of communications at the corporate level, and have yet to receive any answers to our questions.

Through police records, it has been learned that the dean of students at this campus at the time, Allen Spector, told police he had numerous run-ins with Webb and that Webb had a problem with female faculty. Spector told police he ran a threat assessment on Webb when he returned to the campus, but didn't see anything alarming, since he had behavioral issues but hadn't acted out violently.

"If they would've just been proactive and really paid attention and quit worrying about dollar signs, it could've been prevented," Trease said.

Webb is facing attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault and weapons charges. The station attempted to contact him and have not been able to reach him.

Trease, meanwhile, said she has filed two complaints against ITT Tech with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - one for not protecting its students and faculty and another for wrongful termination, since she was fired shortly before returning to work.

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