LISTEN: Did dispatcher curse at Amanda Berry during her frantic call for help?

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Reporter Scott Taylor has confirmed the dispatcher on the Amanda Berry 911 call is being investigated by Cleveland City Hall.

The claim is that the call taker cursed at Berry at the very end of the call. The call taker is alleged to have called Berry a f***ing b****.

Police had their Forensic Audio Team slow down the 911 calls, but tell Taylor they can't determine the full two words in question. They do say the first word begins with an "F" and the second word begins with "B."

19 Action News had two independent Audio Forensic Experts analyze Berry's 911 call, and one expert says the second word is b****.

The second independent Forensic Audio Expert says that, in his opinion, the call taker says f***in b****.

The 911 call taker, according to the City, is a man. 19 Action News is not naming him because, so far, he has not been found to have done anything wrong.

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