How to speak to your kids about the Boston Marathon bombing

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Martin Richard, 8, was killed in the Boston Marathon Explosions on Monday (Photo Credit: Twitter) Martin Richard, 8, was killed in the Boston Marathon Explosions on Monday (Photo Credit: Twitter)
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Bombs, explosion and destruction are things you don't normally have to speak with your kids about at a young age.

But amidst the devastation and chaos caused by the Boston Marathon bombing, it may be hard to avoid.

Three people lost their lives Monday; among those, an eight year old. Additionally, 170 others were wounded when the two explosions made it to the finish line.

We spoke with Tavares Mote, a parent of three boys: a 1-, 6- and 10-year-old.

He tells us he plans to explain what happened that tragic day to his children.

"I think you should let your kids know about what's going on in the world so they know how to protect themselves and because if you're left in the dark you really wouldn't know what to do or how to approach it so it's better to tell them than to keep them in the closet," said Mote.

At this day and age it is almost impossible to shield things like this from children with social media and news outlets available at their fingertips.

We spoke with Dan Rose, a clinical psychologist who tells us that if you do plan to tell your child, it's best to focus not on the devastation, but the good.

"Something bad happened - but look at how people are working together, and this is something that when bad things happen, there's things that we can do to make it better, and that's something to instill," Rose said.

Rose also said coping methods learned early on will help children deal with things as they get older, but it is different with every child, and it may be best to just address the situation as it comes up.

But as a parent facing this hard decision, Motes left us with the best advice.

"Always pray and just be prepared for anything to happen," Motes said.

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