Security expert explains what to do in big crowd situation

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? Brett Beatty from Signal 8 Security talks with Eyewitness News. ? Brett Beatty from Signal 8 Security talks with Eyewitness News.

The explosions at the Boston Marathon raise concerns about security in large groups and gatherings.

So, Eyewitness News talked with a security expert about how to handle an emergency in a crowd.

Brett Beatty from Signal 8 Security told Eyewitness News what people can do before, during and after attending an event.

Before going to an event, Beatty said to make sure you have a plan.

"If you're going with family or friends, have a special meeting place or a call word if you see something suspicious," he said. "So that can alert that person that, hey, there's something suspicious in that area, call 911."

While you're there, Beatty said be alert and notice where police and security officers are located.

"When you get there, look around if you see anything suspicious," he said. "If you have that gut feeling we always get, that something doesn't seem right, go on your instinct and let someone know."

And if something such as an explosion were to happen, people run and hide.

"You don't want to run against the people, you want to run with the people," Beatty said. "So if they're running in one direction, you might want to follow them. Listen to the officers, listen to their directions."

Beatty added the moments following a disaster are critical and being prepared for anything could mean the difference between life and death.

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