UCLA coach Jim Mora, Jr. would rather have his OLB than Clowney

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UCLA coach Jim Mora, Jr. (Source: UCLABruins' YouTube Page) UCLA coach Jim Mora, Jr. (Source: UCLABruins' YouTube Page)

While we rarely ever talk about the PAC-12 or PAC-12 coaches over here in South Carolina, every once in a while, we have to give a little coverage in that direction when a story from that part of the country arises.

Take the case of UCLA Bruins coach Jim Mora, Jr. Mora is a former NFL coach who is enjoying his second year of coaching in the college ranks.

Mora has plenty of faith in his players. So much so that he says he wouldn't even trade for Jadeveon Clowney.

Wait, what? Surely he was in jest, right? Apparently not.

When speaking about his senior outside linebacker, Anthony Barr, Mora says he'd rather have his guy over Clowney.

"I know there is the Clowney kid and he's a darn good football player, but I'd put Anthony Barr against any defensive player in the country," said Mora. "There is nobody I would trade him for. Nobody."

Clowney is currently the talk of many college football analysts from around the country. Many believe he'd be the consensus number one NFL Draft pick this year if he could be drafted.

Clowney could even be up for next year's Heisman Award if his style of play shines bright enough for the Heisman Trust.

However, Mora thinks Barr could even be up for the award if he plays at a high level.

"If you're talking about a guy like [former Notre Dame linebacker Manti] Te'o, then you should be talking about a guy like Anthony Barr," said Mora.

It's just the Spring, of course, so any Heisman talk until the fall is largely speculative. We'll see what happens on the field in August.

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