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CBS 5 News was the only media outlet that spoke with ousted juror No. 5 after she left the Jodi Arias trial Thursday.

"What was it like in court today from the other side of the aisle?" asked reporter Elizabeth Erwin.

"Well, it was a different experience definitely, but I was glad that I came back and be part of it again. So I look forward to giving my interview and saying my side of the story, say what really happened. But I need to get home first and talk to my legal advisors and go from there," she said.

It was surprising to see her in court at all and even more shocking that she chose to talk with CBS 5 News after she released a statement Wednesday saying she wouldn't do any interviews.

It seemed Thursday in court was all about the jury, first from the renewed motion from the defense to sequester the jurors because defense attorneys said the media coverage is too much to ignore.

"It is a fairy tale to assume that this jury is not hearing any of it," said Kirk Nurmi.

"It's problematic to say that the jurors are lying, which is what he's saying. When he has nothing to back it up," countered prosecutor Juan Martinez.

In the end, the judge decided the jurors are doing a good job avoiding seeing anything about this trial on TV.

"There is no indication whatsoever that any juror has failed to follow the court's admonition or has seen inadvertently any media coverage of this case," the judge said.

But then juror and media became part of the same story when ousted juror No. 5 decided to watch testimony from inside the courtroom.

"You should have no contact with juror No. 5 until the trial is over," the judge told the remaining jurors.

CBS 5 News reached out to veteran litigation consultant Dr. Dennis Elias to break down what juror No. 5's presence back in the courtroom means for this trial.

"The jurors can't help but notice that their friend is back," Elias said.

Elias said juror No. 5 has invested months in this case and probably just wanted to see the trial through to the end.

"Being dismissed at this point is a pretty harsh blow," he said.

But is showing up in court the way to handle that?

"If she does come back, it'll be a personal decision on her point and I hope she doesn't come back," Elias said.

The Jodi Arias trial resumes Monday morning.  Stick with for live coverage of the trial.

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