Michael Forlani sentenced in connection with county corruption scandal

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Michael Forlani Michael Forlani

Business owner Michael Forlani was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his role in the Cuyahoga County Corruption scandal.

Forlani was convicted of bribery and racketeering. 

His case included taped recordings of Jimmy Dimora warning that if he swung a job to his company that they'd haul him into federal court. And of Forlani telling Frank Russo, "They're not gonna kill us, only the good die young. And we're not good."

Forlani, is an admitted briber who bought influence with politicians to get work for his company, Doan Pyramid.

Prosecutors say Forlani heaped nearly $91,000 on Dimora and his family. Home improvements, cell phones and cars. $38,000 on Maple Heights School Board President Sandy Klimkowsi, tens of thousands on J. Kevin Kelley.

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