VIRAL VIDEO: Jeff Gordon takes car salesman on prank ride

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(Toledo News Now) -

Not only does this video depict a prank... but the video may not be what it seems on the surface.

For a Pepsi MAX ad campaign, a disguised Jeff Gordon, famed NASCAR driver, is shown going to a car dealership to take a test drive.

The ad shows how Gordon put on makeup, a fake beard, brought along a few hidden cameras,  and then took an unsuspecting car salesman for what you could call "the ride of his life."

However, the video, which was posted as if the prank really happened, may be a fake itself.

The website Jalopnik says the whole thing is a set up, the car salesman is an actor, and that Gordon was never behind the wheel.

The salesman's reaction is priceless (even if he is acting) ... but probably not for kids.

This video is going viral for good reason right now. Mobile users click here to watch.

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