Humiliation: Punishment for threats to kill cops

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Mug shot of Richard Dameron (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriffs) Mug shot of Richard Dameron (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriffs)

A man will go to jail for threatening to kill police officers, but he'll also be punished in a way we're seeing more and more of -- public shaming.

Richard Dameron will spend a couple of months in jail for domestic violence and calling 911 to make threats to kill cops.

But Cleveland Judge Pinkey Carr has also ordered him to stand outside Cleveland's Second District police headquarters holding a sign.

"You will wear a sign which will read 'I apologize to Officer Simone his family, all law enforcement officers," ordered Judge Carr. "I was being an idiot and it will never happen again."

Dameron recently called 911 multiple times talking about killing police officers including retired Cleveland Officer Jim Simone, still remembered for being no-nonsense.

"Ma'am I was drunk," said Dameron. "I was just joking, goofing off, that's all ma'am."

Last year, Judge Carr made headlines having Shena Hardin hold a sign.

She drove on a sidewalk around a school bus.

But when it came to holding her sign, she smoked and talked on the phone.

This time, the court will make a sign to hang around Dameron's neck. In June, when he gets out of jail, he'll stand outside the police station for a week.

Do these public shaming's work?

The judge told 19 Action News, she thinks threatening cops offends the community and people should see this guy pay for it.