WTOL 11 Special Report: Top money drains in your home

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Home costs quickly add up, especially if you ignore routine maintenance. Home costs quickly add up, especially if you ignore routine maintenance.
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When you're trying to save money, it's easy to cut corners when it comes to home maintenance, but a little fixing up around the house can actually be an important money-saving tool.

"When you're on a tight budget, the mentality tends to be, ‘Why fix it if it's not broken?'" said Polyana da Costa, a senior mortgage analyst for Bankrate.com. "But instead, it should be, ‘Let's take care of it now before it becomes an issue.'"

Jennifer Galluzzo remembers the day the shower floor shifted beneath her feet.

"It had completely molded out underneath," Galluzzo said. "The shower needed to be completely gutted and redone."

The major repairs could have been avoided if the bathroom vent had been cleaned more often. Galluzzo did not realize the vent should be cleaned every 2-4 months to avoid back-up.

But the bathroom isn't the only room of the house to worry about mold damage. Mold can destroy walls, cabinets, floors and more.

"The best places to check for mold are: in the basement where water can seep in through the foundation or where water leaks end up, up in the attic for a lack of ventilation, in bathrooms," said Robert Weitz, environmental inspector and founder of RTK Environmental Group.

Da Costa said Galluzzo's story is quite common, but spending up to a few hundred dollars early on can save homeowners thousands down the road.

"We would have saved thousands of dollars and weeks of headaches," Galluzzo said.

Galluzzo now has a home maintenance checklist, and the bathroom vent is at the top!

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