Hamden Middle School roof damaged by Blizzard Charlotte

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After Blizzard Charlotte dumped 40 inches in Hamden, the storm also caused strong winds that ripped off part of the roof at the town's middle school and sent water all over the auditorium.

While the roads' condition continues to improve, students won't be heading back to school until the end of the month. Students will resume classes on Feb. 25 following their February vacation.

Hamden's Superintendent of Schools Fran Rabinowitz she thought about canceling the upcoming week long February break, but instead decided to get rid of April vacation.

"I really thought we would be open today, but when I did a dry run with the buses yesterday, there were many streets in the south end of Hamden still impassable for buses," she said.

On Friday, town crews continued to widen roads and truck away snow after Hamden received the most snow in the state.

Industrial strength fans continued to dry out the auditorium at Hamden Middle School after the roof was blown off and it was flooded by melting snow.

The same was damaged during Hurricane Sandy and the school made repairs to it.

"The stage floor is completely destroyed, has to be completely redone," Rabinowitz said. "The roof is now temporarily sealed, but we'll have to do extensive work on the roof this summer."

Hamden High School senior Cathleen Dacey said the waiting is "kind of annoying."

"I'm looking forward to getting back to school, pretty boring being home all the time," she said.

The last day for Hamden Public Schools is currently June 26 and they still have two days to play with.

However, the district is appealing to the Connecticut Department of Education for a possible waiver, just in case they need to use more snow days before the winter is up.

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